Very Filling Breakfast Smoothie

My oldest daughter is not a big eater, and it can be difficult to find foods that she is enthusiastic to eat. Breakfast has become a meal that she will reliably eat (it helps that she’s allowed to read during breakfast, so she’s happy to sit for as long as possible), and our transition to exclusively whole foods breakfasts has been relatively easy. The girls still look back fondly at breakfast cereals and oatmeal; what they don’t remember is that cereal wasn’t filling for them at all, and they had to have a snack about an hour after they had finished eating.

These days, breakfast is either a berry smoothie or eggs. The smoothie is relatively easy to make and is quite filling for them. Despite the fact that it’s a fruit smoothie, focusing on berries means that this recipe actually contains very little sugar, leaning more heavily on protein and fat.
Berry Breakfast Smoothie
Serves 2

1/2 cup melted coconut oil (approximately—I don’t worry too much about exact amounts since I’m digging it out of a bucket)
4 eggs (we use our own eggs from our own hens, use your own discretion on adding raw eggs)
2 cups frozen berries, defrosted slightly

Add ingredients to blender in order and blend until the oil and eggs are well incorporated and the fruit is not longer chunky.