We attended the kids’ piano recital a couple of weeks back, and at the end there were cookies. For the last two months we’ve been deliberately choosing to eat much less sugar, so it was a little shock to have the cookies. We let the kids eat what they wanted, knowing it was relatively limited in scope. And my husband and I ate what we wanted as well.

The cookies were… sweet. We brought homemade meringues which were little sugar bombs themselves. The store-bought cookies had that ‘store-bought’ flavor to them, and the sweetness, but little else. They were kind of boring, really, but difficult to stop eating. I had maybe four or five altogether, although the process of eating them in a social setting—go up to the table, get a cookie, walk away, eat it, mill around for a few minutes, go get another—wasn’t conducive to knowing how many I ate.

When we got home, I immediately fell asleep on the sofa for an hour. Not unusual, since I never function well in the early afternoon, but it was almost four o’clock at that point; later than usual.

Dinner was barbecued chicken and a Cesar salad: it was such a relief to have something savory after all that sugar. We all seemed to enjoy it much more than we normally would have.

This seems to be a change, after so much time eating lower sugar foods. Normally, I wouldn’t have even noticed the sweetness, although I might still have needed the nap. Stepping back from it makes it easier to notice not just the sweetness, but also the way it has nothing behind it. Just that taste. And it seems like it’s not really worth it so much anymore. I’d rather eat real food, with nutrients that make me feel good.