Status Addendum

Another effect of the change in diet is that my oldest daughter’s appetite has increased. This is probably another multi-faceted problem, but probably includes being easily distracted from eating, forgetting to eat, quiet pickiness (if she doesn’t like something she doesn’t make a fuss but just doesn’t eat it), lack of hunger, and being unable to distinguish between hunger and not feeling well.

She has always enjoyed a big chunk of meat, whether that’s steak or a piece of chicken. But she’s also stepped up the amount of breakfast she will eat. Previously, she was eat a fairly light breakfast, but now she will eat five egg yolks in butter (she usually doesn’t care to eat the whites), or drink about a cup and a half of breakfast smoothie (which, in our house, is quite low in sugar and high in fat). She also usually has a bedtime snack, unless dinner was quite late, and has taken to eating quite a large amount of almond butter.

That she has developed a taste for fat is a good sign, because fat, along with protein, is what our body is made of. In particular, it is helpful both for brain health and development as well as for the digestive system. It’s these areas that are giving her the most problems, so are most in need of healing.