Something Hot To Drink

Sometimes I just want something hot to drink, especially when it’s so cold outside and I feel like I can’t get the inside of the house warm enough to fight against the snow drifting past the windows.
What I want to do it make cup after cup of hot chocolate, but I’ve learned that hot chocolate is not my friend, nor anything made with milk. I can drink cream in my coffee, but milk itself is will give me a headache that lasts for a day and a half. So coffee is one option: black, with cream, or whizzed in the blender with butter. I’ve tried coconut oil blended with coffee, but it just makes the coffee oily and makes me think of popcorn. Butter is, as always, much better. Adding gelatin to coffee, which admittedly sounds very bizarre but I’m trying to get more gelatin into our diet, actually works out well. Coffee has enough heft to it to accept the gelatin, gaining a smoothness similar to cream.
Hot tea, black, green, or herbal. Hot water with lemon and a smidge of honey or maple syrup.
Chicken or beef broth, with or without salt or gelatin added as well. The Joy of Cooking has innumerable additions for broth, which might be interesting if I felt the need to perk it up a bit. Converting it into egg drop soup just means whisking an egg into the broth when its hot.
Miso soup, made with either hot water or a homemade dashi stock, is easy. Or, perhaps, I make it easy by just adding a tablespoon of miso paste to hot water/stock. Adding seaweed is also quite simple, and makes it more special.
A basic soup–broth or water, plus one or more vegetables, blended together and seasoned. A large batch can be frozen in mug-sized portions. Good to have on hand anyway.
Chai is somewhat more difficult. I once made a spice concentrate, by adding the chai spices to condensed milk. The idea was to brew a cup of black tea, then add a spoonful of the concentrate to it. Easy. Except one spoonful turned into two, turned into several, turned into skip-the-tea-and-just-eat-spoonfuls-of-spiced-condensed-milk. Sugar and I have a difficult relationship. So I don’t do that anymore. I can add spices to black tea, though, and sometimes a bit of coconut milk (or maybe almond milk), to make a suitable chai which doesn’t involve sugar. Much safer for me.

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