One of the obstructions between me and regular blogging is my wish to only put out something that is perfect. I know that there are two main schools of thought—polish, and just get it out. I think that I need to embrace the latter, because the former has kept me from getting anything done.

I can see that in fiction writing, no editing (not proofing and spell-checking, of course, but content editing) is better than aimless, poor editing. I suspect that something similar is true in nonfiction writing—it is better to let the creative brain have at it and then stop than to kill the creativity with an excess of editorial compunction. In my case, the editorial compunction has stopped me from doing any real writing at all.

I’ve been frozen, and afraid that I won’t write anything good, and so haven’t written anything at all. I’ve been comparing myself now to myself in college, when I could rattle off papers—and good papers—without much thought. I’ve gotten out of the practice, though, and so of course, the thought of doing writing like that is intimidating.

But the only thing that compensates for the lack of practice is more practice, and I don’t get practice from not writing, or from thinking about writing. I get practice from writing, and only writing. (Okay, editing too.) So I need to practice, and to write, instead of just thinking about it, and bemoaning my non-writing state.

Therefore, I need to embrace the just-get-it-out-there mentality, and to focus on producing words, getting my ideas down on the page. And let editing—deliberate content editing—come later.

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