Nutritional Therapy Training and Daily Posts

I’ve been establishing the habit of daily posting to work on my (nonfiction) writing. It has been so long since I was in school, when I could crank out a paper without thinking about it, that I feel like my ability to write well on a topic has gotten rusty. The only solution to feeling incompetent in something, as I tell my kids, is to practice. So I’m practicing, and practicing, and practicing, by making sure I have something to post every single day.

How can I have something new to say on a daily basis? Well, the fact that I just registered for nutrition therapy training will probably help out with that considerably. Fifteen modules, eight or nine months, a whole bunch of books to read: plenty to write about. I plan on reflecting on my coursework here, and to make sense of it and test my understanding. Trying to explain something to another person, or to write clearly about it, highlights areas to study more.

I hope that writing about what I’m studying will help me be able to explain things more clearly to my clients, once I get through the program and start consulting with people on nutrition. I’m a slow thinking—I prefer to be able to think about what I say before I say it—and I think that working through ideas here will help me with teaching and answering questions and objections later.