Food Diary for Kids? A First Attempt

We need to start a food diary for my oldest daughter, to be able to track her food and correlate it to symptoms. It needs to be something she can do herself with minimal work from me. I’m not quite sure how to do it. Having an app would be entirely unhelpful, because they all seem to be calorie focused, which is the last thing I want to introduce to a twelve-year-old girl. Writing things in a notebook might work, although I suspect it would be too onerous for her.

I’m inclined to dig out her camera (it’s here somewhere…), keep it in the kitchen, and have her take a picture of what she eats. Or maybe use one of the old phones we have around. That way it might be a little easier to work with. Maybe have her make comments in Scritch or something? She likes photography, so this might be a good option.
It comes down to experimentation: we’ll try taking photos on an old phone and see how it goes. In a few days, we can evaluate. Then we can tweak it as necessary.