Dairy? Out It Goes.

My current nutritional focus with my oldest daughter is to eliminate her extreme anxiety through her diet. We are following Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s GAPS diet which seems to be working well to reduce the anxiety. Also, deviations (such as eating tortilla chips) definitely cause an increase.

She still has some anxiety, however, that hasn’t completely faded. Or, rather, the anxiety went away and has come back. I’m thinking that that is because she’s been eating an increasing amount of cheese, although we’ve eliminated most dairy at this point.

It’s frustrating, trying to figure out what’s going on inside her body. I can’t do anything but experiment: hypothesize, test, observe. I make a guess about what’s affecting her, tweak our diet to remove the potential villain, and watch what happens (and watch to make sure she’s actually eating only what she’s supposed to).

I was just reading that dairy tends to be frequently be cross-reactive in people with gluten-sensitivity, meaning that the body will react to the dairy as it would to gluten. Furthermore, I know that I react to dairy by getting headaches (my generic sensitivity symptom), so she is likely to be sensitive to it as well.

Right now, I have some cheese in the house, butter, and no other dairy. I think my plan is to let Craig, mainly, use up the cheese and not replace it with more once it’s gone. I honestly don’t know about the butter. My general practice is to test out the ideal situation first, which would mean eating butter but no other dairy products. I think we’ll spend a week or two using butter as usual while avoiding everything else. With luck, we will see her anxiety go back down again fairly rapidly.