A Birthday Weekend

This was a birthday weekend for me. More than that, a milestone birthday weekend. So there was some eating. And it was okay.

I’m not a huge fan of regular birthday cake in general, although I like the custard-filled poppy seed white cake I usually have. I didn’t want it enough to either figure out a grain- and dairy-free version, or to go ahead and make the regular unadapted cake. For my husband’s birthday, the week before, I had experimented with a chocolate cake that had gone slightly wrong. So I figured I’d try another recipe in the hopes of finding one that would work in the future. It did. It wasn’t fabulous, but it tasted fine, and would make a good layer cake with frosting for the kids if they wanted something that looked like a birthday cake.

The girls and I had a small appetizer of calamari at lunchtime, which would have been better as a large appetizer so we could have had a whole lot more. Tasty, though.

At dinner, we had a bloomin’ onion/cactus blossom/deep-fried onion fabulousness, but ate well apart from that.

I got a king-sized candy bar as a gift from one of the kids, which I shared among the four of us the next day.

While everyone else was seeing Fantastic Beasts at the library, I stayed home and did some decluttering, then, after taking a load to the trash can (down the half-mile driveway), I kept going to the local 24/7 doughnut shop. My birthday treat was BOTH a glazed yeast doughnut and a custard-filled Long John, my two favorites. I gleefully at them both with pleasure, and would have had a cruller too except they were out.

At the grocery store this morning I picked up a check-out lane treat of a hazelnut chocolate candy, as well as a half-pint of cream to put in my coffee.

I enjoyed all my treats, and didn’t seem to suffer too many ill effects from the junk food. Probably it helped that apart from these indulgences, the rest of the weekend was healthy, real food.

Interestingly, this weekend with multiple less-than-ideal foods was not substantially worse than normal eating would have been a few months ago. In fact, because the rest of the meals were fine, it was on average a healthier series of meals than it would have been.

And now the treats are out of the house, the weekend is behind me, and I know that the next meal will be completely back to normal.

Being able to have a treat occasionally—a milestone birthday, not just a random Friday—is important to me. I had to remind myself, though, as I was driving to get my doughnuts, that I was allowed. It was okay to go eat those doughnuts, and to enjoy them as much as I possibly could. It sometimes seems like eating any food that isn’t perfectly health is just a slippery slope to returning to eating junk food all the time.

It isn’t, though. I can choose to eat something a little out of my ordinary now, and then when I’m done, go back to choosing to eat the way I normally do.